TESTIMONIALS - Can you see yourself as some of these?

The following testimonials represent composites of real business issues that are addressed by AreaGuard Neo.

Personal data, financial information, confidential company and personnel information – these are the basic types of data that must be protected under every company’s security plan. This responsibility doesn’t depend on the focus or the specialization of the company. Every company handles personal employee and/or customer data. Every company accumulates know-how and intellectual property. AreaGuard Neo meets the data security requirements of most companies, regardless of profession.


Attorney and law office owner

Martina, attorney and law office ownerClient contracts, confidential information, and other sensitive data. It all goes with the attorneys when they visit clients. If one of those computers was lost or stolen, Martina and her team could face a world of troubles. Martina has the peace of mind that her IT administrator has an efficient solution for protecting their data. Employees simply login to the office network and AreaGuard Neo automatically encrypts all confidential data.


Managing Director of a manufacturing company

Adam, Managing Director of a manufacturing companyAdams’s company handles confidential client data, technical documentation and records from discussions and meetings. Much of the data is transported by colleagues via USB flash memory devices. Everyday, Adam has to handle issues ranging from manufacturing, sales to the business information system - he doesn’t have time to worry about data security. AreaGuard Neo can be installed and deployed in a single day. Within just a couple of hours, Adam had one less thing to worry about.


Director of a health center

Robert, Director of a health centerSafeguarding the personal data and health records of patients is among the most difficult responsibilities information managers have. When you add employee data and the need to make the information available only to the appropriate teams, it gets even more complicated. Robert’s job of ensuring that all the data stays secure has just become manageable. He sets the security policies and monitors workflow. The doctors at the center don’t even realize that the data they are working with is encrypted – and they don’t have to, which means they are able to focus on their patients.