The Office for Personal Data ProtectionRapid deployment, reliable encryption and minimal demands on the user. These are the three primary attributes that The Office for Personal Data Protection appreciates about AreaGuard Neo. They began using our newest encryption product at the end of last year. They needed to ensure that the data on the notebooks’ of key personnel was protected.

During the summer last year, the agency conducted research to determine the options for securing data and information stored or processed on mobile computers. “We had several requirements. For example, we didn’t want there to be any limitations on the user, and preferably for users to not even know about the encryption. Furthermore, we needed to prevent any possible suspicion that the IT associate could arbitrarily access user data. And also to verify the types of error situations that can occur, and how to correct them without impacting the user,” said Zdeněk Hach, Head of the IT Department at The Office for Personal Data Protection, summarizing the key requirements.

After evaluating the alternatives, the agency decided to implement AreaGuard Neo, our newest encryption product. They decided to encrypt the selected users’ entire profiles; the result being that all user data and files including off-line mail, temporary files and sensitive application data are encrypted. All of this with practically no changes for the users, who are not obstructed in their work as the encryption takes place. Encrypting the user profile (file encryption), as opposed to the full disk encryption, ensures access to sensitive data is limited to the respective user (data owner) but not to IT associates.

Although we deployed AreaGuard Neo in a relatively small environment, the central admin tool has been a great benefit. The central admin tool allows us to handle installations and configuration changes of the clients and provides system feedback, all without bothering the user.

The agency subsequently ran a pilot program to verify the solution. This proved to be entirely satisfactory and so deployment in the ‘live’ network began. Installation on the notebooks proved to be very fast. Immediately following installation, AreaGuard Neo begins encrypting stored data in silent mode – with no disruption to the user. The Admin Console informs the administrator that everything is in order. When a notebook is lost or stolen, the Admin Console will display the precise date and time of the last instance of the encrypted data. In this way, the user is assured that he did not lose the content of a file, or the stored data or information. “Our employees who use AreaGuard Neo are very satisfied. I use AreaGuard Neo, too, and I have to say that I haven’t even noticed it on my computer. It’s hard for me to believe that the data is really being encrypted. Of course, when I glance at the Admin Console, I am always convinced that everything is fine and the data is protected,” said Zdeněk Hach when asked his own experience with AreaGuard Neo.