Data encryption, protection against connection of unauthorized USB devices, two factor authentication

Confidential company and personal data are often required outside of the protective physical and security environment of the business. AreaGuard Neo protects data and files stored on computers, notebooks and other devices at the office, as well as those used by employees traveling on business or at home. All data in the device’s user profile or specified directories are securely encrypted and cannot be misused or deleted by unauthorized individuals. When a protected device is lost or stolen, AreaGuard Neo prevents misuse of the data and the resulting loses that can often be devastating to a company.

AreaGuard Neo also protects against connection of unauthorized USB devices. Data shared or transferred on portable devices within your company can be encrypted. Each device is identified by its type, manufacturer and serial number. Whitelists can be formed based on these specific details and all other devices are declined access. It is also possible to create blacklists of devices that will be declined access (rejected). When encryption is set for a defined area, all data will be automatically stored in encrypted format. Rules can be set to apply to an individual, a defined group, or all employees having access to the company network.

An enhanced level of security provided through two factor authentication can be used to ensure secure login to each user account. In addition to strong passwords, this involves the use of PKCS #11 (Public-Key Cryptography Standards) security tokens or chip cards for secure access to user accounts. These hardware tokens meet the strictest security standards. We utilize technology from SafeNet, a respected leader in the authentication industry. A key advantage of using authentication tokens comes to light on computers with multiple user accounts.

Remote install, central administration and unobtrusive operation

Installation and deployment on user stations is done remotely from the central administration console. The administrator can set encryption on a per user basis or for groups. Installation on the client computers and encryption all run in the background. Communication between the client stations and the administrator runs in the background, sending information about terminated encryption processes and other important tasks, such as data operations performed on the client device. The administrator is able to react to user activities in real-time, change settings, and adjust security levels even to the level of restricting transfer of all non-encrypted data.

Simple installation, effective control, quick implementation of changes

Simplicity is the key. Installation and basic setup of AreaGuard Neo is straightforward and quick. Encryption on the clients begins automatically the first time they connect to the network. Clients are not able to change any settings, enabling security policies enforcement.

Reports, rapid response time

The reporting and forensic functions are essential for tracking user data activity, which is monitored at the level of saving / copying on an external device. The administrator is able to immediately change the encryption settings in each area, and have conclusive documentation about risky user activity.