The full version of AreaGuard Neo requires activation. The activation procedure creates the association between the server on which AreaGuard Neo is installed and the license key you have purchased.

Activation is necessary in order to uniquely identify the user with all associated rights and services. The activation process is quick and simple, and the entire process of data exchange is secure. Activation of AreaGuard Neo involves the following steps:

  1. Locate the ‚ActivationRequest.bin‘ file in the folder
    C:\Program Files\AreaGuardNeo\Server\db\ActivationRequest\
  2. Then we kindly ask you to take a few moments, fill in the required information and upload the file ‚ActivationRequest.bin‘ using the Activation form below.
  3. After processing the file, we will send you an email with your unique activation file named ‚ActivationResponse.bin‘.
  4. In the ‚Info‘ menu of the Admin Console, select the ‚Activate AreaGuardNeo‘ option. Select ‚Load Activation File‘, locate the ‚ActivationResponse.bin‘ file in the folder in which you downloaded it, and click ‚Open‘. You will be notified of successful activation with a pop-up message.

Activation Form


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